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Human trafficking and exploitation

Human trafficking is the illegal and exploitative practice of transporting people across borders or within
a country, usually for the purpose of forced labor, sexual exploitation, or other forms of exploitation.
According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), an estimated 21 million people are victims of
forced labor worldwide, with human trafficking being a significant contributing factor.
GBF works to combat human trafficking and exploitation through a multifaceted approach that includes
prevention, protection, and prosecution. This includes identifying and addressing the root causes of
trafficking, raising public awareness of the issue, and providing support and protection to victims.
One of the key ways GBF combats human trafficking is by working to strengthen laws and policies
related to the issue in Pakistan. GBF advocates for the development and enforcement of laws and
policies that protect vulnerable populations from trafficking and exploitation, and ensure that
perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.
In addition, GBF works to empower communities to recognize and resist trafficking and exploitation.
This includes working with local organizations and community leaders to raise awareness of the issue
and provide education and training on how to identify and report suspected cases of trafficking.
GBF also provides direct assistance to victims of trafficking and exploitation, including shelter, legal
assistance, and medical and psychological support. GBF works to ensure that victims are able to access
the resources and support they need to recover from the trauma of exploitation and rebuild their lives.
Finally, GBF works with law enforcement agencies and other key actors to investigate and prosecute
cases of trafficking and exploitation. GBF supports efforts to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement
agencies to identify and investigate cases of trafficking, and to ensure that victims receive the support
and protection they need during the investigation and prosecution process.
Through these and other efforts, GBF is working to combat human trafficking and exploitation in
Pakistan, and to ensure that vulnerable populations are protected and empowered to resist exploitation
and abuse.